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The final redpill is that the only thing that isn't gay is actually being gay.
I wish that was a meme.

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2/22/11: Stockholm, Sweden
Study used 191 MTF and 133 FTM reassigned subjects (TX), for 30-year longitudinal morbidity. Profiled for death and cause, psych treatment, substance abuse, criminality. TXs had 3x mortality, 19x by suicide, 2x by tumor. Factors increased with time. MTF suicides higher overall, FTM retain female rate. MTFs retain male crime rate, FTMs assume same.
Outcomes suggest higher overall risks, FTMs milder, MTFs extreme suicide risk.

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7/26/13: Taipei, Taiwan
Study used 21 FTM and 20 MTF subjects (GID), mostly homosexual, age 20-40, 18 on hormone treatment (H+), with matched hetero controls. Subjects presented with film of heterosexual intercourse (E) and neutral films (N), and polled for arousal and 'selfness'. GIDs reported higher selfness and lower arousal than controls with E and N. H+ GIDs report lower arousal and selfness than H- with E and N.

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12/31/2013: Semmelweis University, Hungary
10MTF 7FTM subjects (GID): homosexual age 25+-6 w/ age-matched controls
Otherwise healthy, no hormonal treatment.
Graymatter (GM) higher in controls than GID in all areas of difference. GIDs more similar to identity than sex in areas responsible for primary motor and visual function, complex memory and emotion regulation, self-image. Suggests neurological grounding for GID in mature subjects; no claim to development thereof.

Internal monologue'd so hard I forgot to use social media for a week.

Humanity will only be saved by a computer that can outpace it, and reduce complexity faster than humanity can create it.

Those who have no grasp over what *is* have little place establishing *ought*.

The vast majority of people, being mediocre, are constantly jockeying with one-another to prove they are above average, taking any slight opportunity for advancement. Only those at the extreme ends, completely dominant or completely defeated, are spared from this, and are able to pursue their own ends without concern for status.

"I'll make my own social media platform, with lolicon, and nazbols."

Vewwy warge uwuEy Search for extwatewwestwtial waifus 

Kill me.

I strongly dislike the coloreds.
Thank you for reading my blog post.

2019 annoucement - FUCK YOU , you are a fucking IMPLEMENTATION

Everyone I respect take 3 hours minimum to respond to me (when not immediate) and are present only for 1 hour maximum to provide immediate responses. Either I am low priority to them, or they have a life/job (outside interwebs).

I concede defeat to you, FATAL28p01, for you have humbled me, and I must resort to reading the documentation as the untermenschen do. But rest assured, I will be back, should it cost me more hosting fees and the rest of my pride, because NOBODY MAKES A MONKEY OUT OF THIS EDGEBOI

Why can you not fax money? Fucking fiat currency.

>Japan wants to make transgender sterlization mandatory

>ppl outraged

ummm...what do you think happens when you take that stuff

I had heard that computers were getting racist now, but I didn't think they could see your soul.

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The installer must have detected that I am a technological NIGGER, because it is now trying to LYNCH ME.

Yeah I'm a TERF

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